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PILODIST news: The latest laboratory and process technology

PILODIST® is a leading world-wide supplier for units and systems for thermal separation and distillation for various applications such as fraction distillation according to ASTM standards.

Continuous innovation is one of PILODIST’s greatest assets, we are pleased to present you the following new systems: The new SP200 Short-Path Evaporator, the PD 1120 CC system for boiling point determination of engine coolants and the renewed ASTM D5001 Bocle Tester for the petrochemical industry.


ARTICLE: Why Performance Evaluation Guarantees Optimum traceability

European Lab Services published an interesting article in Petro Industry News on April 22, 2016 about the importance of traceability in the petroleum industry. Optimus Instruments supplies you with excellent instruments for petroleum analysis according to international standards. Accompanied with the verification and calibration services of European Lab Services, you are able to achieve maximum precision and guaranteed traceability without question. Read all about this subject in the article.


The importance of using CRM’s and calibration standards for intermediate checks

Running a QC lab not only means quality control of the product, but also of the working methods and analysers used determine this product quality. To do so, a combination of regular accredited analyser verifications and in-lab intermediate checks is required. Accredited analyser verification according to ISO/IEC 17025 is performed by European Lab Services, but the intermediate checks of your systems can be done easily by yourself using Certified Reference Materials.


Physical Property Testing: The Next Level

After the Easter holidays it’s time to present some new innovative equipment for petroleum analysis. With these new products you will be ready to update your analysis laboratory to the next level in the form of improved safety, higher testing speed and enhanced ease of use.

The OptiFlash line introduces the brand new Small Scale instrument for minimal sample usage, also the innovative Diesel Thermal Oxidation Tester is officially launched, we take a look at the OptiReader for JFTOT heater tube scanning and we’ll bring you some interesting news about the Huber Chillers.

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