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ElemeNtS analyzer, Optifuel Launch, Phase instruments accepted in new DEFSTAN and more!

Many new developments are going on at PAC. Recently two new analyzers were officially launched: the Antek ElemeNtS and PAC OptiFuel. Besides that there is also some exciting news about the Phase Technology viscosity standard. Check out the highlights of the PETROLEUM TESTING NEWS.


Reactor range extended to -90°C to 305°C and triple wall vessels

Our reactor systems product range has been now extended with new glassware and more customization options. The most important addition are -90°C or up to 305°C. Find out more about the usage and safety advantages of using a triple wall vessel for your reactions.


NEW: Take a look at our PROJECT DATABASE and discover our successful installations

30 years of experience in lab technology results in many successful projects. Browse our PROJECT DATABASE and discover various cases of successfully installed petroleum labs, reactor systems, thermostatic control systems and much more. Optimus Instruments offers complete solution packages beyond the instruments!


OptiDist trade-in promotion

Still working with an old Atmospheric Distillation analyzer in your lab? Now is the right time to take the leap and purchase a brand new OptiDist. Until the end of October we offer a special trade-in discount of 10% when swapping your old analyzer for a new one!