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Save tap water and money with a Van der Heijden chiller

Any cooling application that requires tap water as cooling fluid is a waste. It’s time to change this with our brand new Van de Heijden chiller line, the perfect alternative for tap water cooling. Protect not only your cooling instrument by using clean water along with the correct pressure and a constant temperature, but protect the environment as well. A Van der Heijden chiller always pays for itself!


PAC update: New OptiFlash COC, OptiFPP and Phase Technology

We welcomed already various new instruments from PAC. All new instrument models will be equipped with the same user interface in order to improve the ease of use and to facilitate the day-to-day use of all PAC products. Both the OptiFlash and OptiCool range will be completed with two brand new instruments. Also, PAC recently acquired Phase Technology offering great new equipment for cold properties testing.


Trade Shows Calendar: September

In september Optimus Instrumens can be found on some dedicated laboratory tradeshow events presenting some fine reactor and lab equipment for chemistry, pharmaceutical industry and life sciences. Where can you find us?


Optimus Instruments Cold Flow Seminar Days

The Optimus Instruments Cold Flow Seminar Days are coming near you. Learn all about the new developments and technologies in cold properties testing (CFPP, CPP, FZP, etc.)

26 september 2017: Hoogvliet (Rotterdam), The Netherlands

28 september 2017: Beveren, Belgium