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Optimus Instruments sponsors ChemSYS

ChemSYS, a chemistry conference for young scientists is up to its 15th edition and takes place from 19 to 21 February in Blankenberge. They give young attendees the opportunity to present early results of their research, mostly focused on typical domains within chemistry. Optimus will be at the event on 19 & 21 February.


Tamson Oxidation bath for CEC L-109-14

For 2020, the European Union is mandating a minimum of 10% bio components in transport fuels. However, increasing those components promotes the risk of engine oil oxidation. For this reason, the CEC published a new oxidation test method ( CEC L-109-14 ). Tamson is the first manufacturer to implement the test method in a 6 position oil bath.


Best wishes from the Optimus and ELS team

Cherish 2019, Embrace 2020


Blue Liquid thermometers no longer available

Recently, we experienced multiple quality issues with blue liquid and mercury glass thermometers.

Since these no longer meet Optimus’ quality requirements, we decided to stop selling this type and will offer digital thermometers instead.