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PAC update: New OptiFlash COC, OptiFPP and Phase Technology


We welcomed already various new instruments from PAC. All new instrument models will be equipped with the same user interface in order to improve the ease of use and to facilitate the day-to-day use of all PAC products. Both the OptiFlash and OptiCool range will be completed with two brand new instruments. Also, PAC recently acquired Phase Technology offering great new equipment for cold properties testing.


PAC/Herzog OptiFlash CoC for Cleveland Open Cup


PAC’s Herzog OptiFlash line is now completed with the last model, Cleveland Open Cup. The OptiFlash COC accurately detects flash points from ambient temperature up to 400°C for petroleum products, lube oils, gear oils, food & beverages, chemicals, and bitumen. OptiFlash COC is fully compliant with the leading global standards ASTM D92, ISO 2592, EN ISO 2592, IP 36, GB/T 3536.


  • New unique optical Flash Point detection technology for water containing samples in addition to ionization detection
  • Allows the use of both an electric ignitor and the conventional gas flame
  • Built-in fire extinguisher with ultra fast optical detector
  • Robust hardware design
  • Optional bitumen rake to remove possible surface skin
  • Automatic lift-arm
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy cleaning and low maintenance

Find more information about the OptiFlash CoC on our website

PAC/ISL OptiFPP for Cold Filter Plugging Point determination


PAC’s ISL just added an improved Cold Filter Plugging Point analyzer model to its Opti-Cold Series platform. The ISL OptiFPP allows for the automatic determination of the Cold Filter Plugging Point of petroleum products, in accordance with the international standard test methods.

OptiFPP is fully automated, which allows the instrument to perform completely unattended, therefore reducing the operator time and improving the analysis performance which translates into exceptionally precise results.


  • Cable free heads with electrical connections for the detector and a mechanical vacuum connection to the pipette.
  • No more methanol coolant in the lab: fully self-contained cooling system enables ultra-low temperature testing; no extra cooling circulator required
  • Reduced energy consumption and elimination of e heat, noise, external liquid connections and toxic coolant vapors of external cooling units
  • Real-time display in graphical format of sample aspirations during test progress, sample & jacket temperatures…
  • Stand-alone and/or PC controlled operation
  • Stepped or linear sample cooling in full compliance with EN 116 and EN 16329
  • Integrated auto-cleaning with two solvents can be operated while separate sample is running
  • Ability to run cloud point test with optional CP head

Find more information about the OptiFPP on our website

Phase Technology: New technologies in Cold Properties Testing


Phase Technology designs and manufactures test instruments to measure cold flow properties. The analyzers meet and comply with ASTM International standards measuring pour, cloud and freeze point: ASTM D-5949, ASTM D-5773 and ASTM D-5972.

Phase Technology remains the only manufacturer with current, valid automatic ASTM test methods for all three cold flow properties.


  • Precision: Phase Technology consistently ranks highest for repeatability, reproducibility, sensitivity and equivalency to reference manual test methods.
  • Integrated cooling avoids the use of an external bulky cryostat
  • Fastest speed of any automatic or manual method: test results in just 8-20 minutes
  • Maximal ease of use; 15” high resolution screen, multitasking functionality, optional autosampler for heavy workload.


70Xi: Combined cloud, pour and freezing point analyzer

70Xi-SS: Combined cold properties analyzer (auto sample injection)

70XiAS: Combined cold properties analyzer (with autosampler)

JFA-70Xi: Jet fuel analyzer for freezing point, viscosity and density

CPA-T30: Mini cloud point analyzer

WAT-70Xi: Wax appearance temperature (WAT) lab analyzer


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