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NEW: Chemglass 100L squatty jacketed reactor


Chemglass introduces the 100L squatty process glass reactor. Chemglass offers the only mobile 100L glass reactor in the market and now offers better clearance and wider access with the new squatty design. Discover more.


100L squatty reactor for better access to your process


More clearance:

Squatty design with maximized clearance under the drain valve

Better access and easy to operate:

400mm ID flange with 7-neck lid provides wider acces for insertion of probes, baffles, ports and other accessories

Separate controller for stirrer and temperature controller

Reactor jacket graduation scale on both sides

Large detachable drain with Zero Dead Space valve

Mobile cart system

Durable materials:

Heavy duty 2" diameter solid stainless steel frame

Heavy duty PTFE coated aluminium fittings for maximum strength and chemical durability.

Robust borosilicate glass for safe operation

Safe operation:

Lexan Safety Shield on all four sides

Pressure relief manifold system

Find more info about the 100L squatty reactor on our website

CG-1968-GL-2: New generation drain valves


The detachable drain valves of the Chemglass process reactors have always been one of the most useful features of the systems. Chemglass now launches a new version of this part.

The new CG-1968-GL-2 bottom valves will now replace the CG-1968-Q and are compatible with all new and existing Chemglass reactor systems. Replacement parts for the CG-1968-Q valves remain available and are also available for the new part.

The “Zero Dead Space” flush bottom valve is designed to prevent solids from collecting in the bottom of the vessel. The PTFE drain valve plunger is supplied with a Perfluoro and a TFE encapsulated o-ring for the tip and two Perfluoro o-rings installed on the shaft. The drain valve is connected to the reactor by a unique 2” beaded pipe valve seat that is sealed to the reactor bottom. Our valve permits total drainage of the vessel contents. The sidearm has a 1” beaded pipe fitting. There are two types of plug assemblies; the first is the plain plug for use with our standard agitators; the second has a stabilizing pin that is used with the 100L agitators. The pin extends into the lower agitator and virtually eliminates any whipping by stabilizing the stirrer shaft.


Glass Body Features a Heavy Duty GL Style Glass Thread

Auto-Stop When Opening the Valve

Anodized Aluminum Control Knob is Laser Etched with Directional Arrows for Opening and Closing the Valve

Zero Dead Space

Perfluoro O-Rings on Tip and Plunger

The new valves come in 2 versions:

CG-1968-GL-240: Standard, 1" Beaded Pipe Sidearm, Torque Knob, GL-40 Thread

CG-1968-GL-241: With Stabilizing Pin, 1" Beaded Pipe Sidearm, Torque Knob, GL-40 Thread


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