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Reactor range extended to -90°C to 305°C and triple wall vessels


Our reactor systems product range has been now extended with new glassware and more customization options. The most important addition are -90°C or up to 305°C. Find out more about the usage and safety advantages of using a triple wall vessel for your reactions.


Reactor systems range extended


Optimus Instruments extended its components range for reactor system with a lot of new equipment. By combining premium glass and metalware with high quality instruments for thermoregulation, stirring and measurement we now offer advanced solutions for a wide range of applications.


  • Glass reactor temperature range extension: -90°C to 305°C (formerly -10°C to 205°C)
  • NEW Triple wall reactor vessels for safe and precise operation at low and high temperatures
  • NEW adaptable reactor frame for more flexibility

CONTACT US to request a made to measure lab or pilot reactor

CASE STUDY: Why use a triple wall reactor?


A triple jacketed reactor system is used to maximize the temperature exchange from the jacket to the inside of the reactor. A vacuum jacket around the reactor works as an insulation to evade temperature losses to the environment.

At high temperatures this is of course a nice safety feature, but for low temperatures this is principally used to maintain visual on the reaction itself, which is the prime reason to use a glass reactor in the first place. At the image underneath, a jacketed reactor and a triple wall reactor are both cooled down to -25°C. The jacketed reactor is completely covered by ice while the triple wall is still completely transparant.

For any thermoregulation tasks, the triple jacket will have significantly shorter cooling/heating times. E.g. when using a Unistat 405 to cool down the triple wall reactor of 2L to -25°C will take only about 30 minutes, something that is unthinkable with a normal jacketed reactor.



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