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Successfully installation of the first ever Bionet F1-TWIN Photobioreactor


The fist Bionet F1-TWIN PBR will be used for a research project of the Université de Mons about the use of micro-algae for energy purpose. With this Photo Bioreactor the researchers aim to optimize the algae culture by illumination and degassing. We are very proud to contribute our advanced technologies for this circular economy study.


The Algotech project for circular bio-sourced economy


The Bionet F1-TWIN Photo Bioreactor is the technological solution for a part of the Algotech project performed by the Université de Mons. This research project aims to develop a circular bio-sourced economy based on the exploitation of biomass micro-algae and its environmental plasticity.

The Photobioreactor is used for the culture optimization stage. The micro algae are cultivated in the flat panel bioreactors and are illuminated, degassed and put under stress as part of the optimization process. All details are thoroughly controlled and registered in by use of the ROSITA software of the F1-TWIN.

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Bionet F1-TWIN Photo Bioreactor


Bionet’s photobioreactor module includes a light source, required for the growth of photosynthetic microorganisms that generate biomass from light and carbon dioxide, including microalgae and cyanobacteria, among others.

The photobioreactor version of the F1 comes with a flat pannel, which results in the increase of the surface that receives direct light. In the flat pannel, mixing occurs by the circulation of the gas bubbles from the sparger up the rising section and down the downcoming section.

The F1-PBR can easily be changed into a regular microbial or cellular bioreactor by connecting a different reactor vessel. Plug & Play!

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