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Today we present you not one but two new Pilodist distillation systems!


Pilodist 104 BD - 10L


This distillation plant has been designed for critical and sensitive products and does therefore not contain any metal parts in direct contact with the sample.

It consists of a double jacketed 10 liter glass vessel with mechanical stirrer drive which stirs the product at the exact temperature thanks to a dynamic process thermostat. The distillation column, made of borosilicate glass, can be equipped with various packing materials, depending on the application. Its reflux ratio can be individually adjusted using a time-controlled reflux divider.

A big advantage of this system is that you can discharge a fraction into a single receiver or custom fraction collector and take it out without disturbing the vacuum!

Other plans for the day? Leave it up to Pilodist to sort it out - the automatic vacuum system calculates the required amount of product sections at each given temperature and can even switch to a total reflux when a preselected cut temperature has been reached.
If you do want to check: all parameters can be monitored on the IP65 touchscreen pc or remotely thanks to an integrated wifi-connectivity dongle.

Pilodist 104 HT


A custom distillation system joins the 104 range, with the ’HT’ hinting towards its daily business: high temperatures.

It distillates samples with a high melting point, be it via 1 of 2 supplied columns: a Concentric Tube or DN25 packed column. The system has been designed for the collection in single receivers and operates from atmospheric down to a vacuum of 1mbar abs. Thanks to high power electrical heating elements, a smart operating system and sophisticated safety features, it can be used for a range of fractional distillations.

The fractions are discharged out of the vacuum by means of a heated pump and collected in standard Schott receivers (500-2000ml) which can be interchanged during the operation without interruption of the vacuum.

Explore the Pilodist vacuum now!


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