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Single Shot Autosampler for the Antek ElemeNtS


A cost-effective way of running small sample volumes, while still benefitting from the advantages a total sulfur/nitrogen analyzer has to offer!


The ElemeNtS is the most advanced, analytical system available for the detection of Nitrogen and total Sulfur content in liquid or gaseous materials. Everything that is fully combustible at temperatures of 1100°C will be quantified from ppb to mass percent levels by this amazing analyzer.

The Single Shot Autosampler (SSA) for ElemeNtS is only one of the many sample introduction modules available, and takes care of the tedious way of manually injecting the single sample.

With the Single Shot Autosampler, you can program the amount, timing and other parameters according to the required method, all via the ElemeNtS’ software. This does not only guarantee the same results over and over again, but offers you the flexibility to test smaller or multiple (different) batches.

"But how does it work?", you ask. Good question! You can start by watching our video on the SSA, or contact our product specialists for more information.


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