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As market leader in Petroleum Analyzers, Optimus Instruments provides innovative and cost-effective techniques for physical property testing, distillation and element analysis for almost 30 years. Great instruments combined with excellent after sales service and our worldwide unique ISO17025 accredation for verification makes Optimus Instruments a partner you can count on.

10500-000-20 - PILODIST 105

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10500-000-20 - Versatile Distillation System with high separation efficiency

Versatile distillation apparatus with high separation efficiency. Suitable for solving difficult separation problems and for the production of pure substances, aromatic compounds of high molecular weight, fatty acids etc.

The system is equipped with a packed column with SULZER EX-packing and includes an electrical column heating mantle to ensure adiabatic operation.

Equipped with processor based distillation control device DCD4001 with heating controller for oil bath and heating mantle, automatic reflux control, vacuum controller, fraction collector control as well as safety devices.

Vacuum accessories can be upgraded later on.

Technical Data:

Operation Temperature: Up to 350° C
Separation Efficiency: up to 48 theoretical plates, depending on load
Flask size:

1 L
Operating Pressure: ATM

Borosilicate glass
Mains Supply:

230 V, 50-60 Hz
Dimensions (w x h x d) approx.: 1,00 x 2.50 x 0.60 m

The system consists of:

1 system basis for assembly of all unit parts, with all accessories

1 oil bath flask heating device for 1 L flask, complete with integrated PT100 temperature sensor build in a aluminum housing with stirrer motor to be mounted on a manual lifting platform1

1 glass distillation flask 1 l, with 3 connections

1 flask temperature sensors PT-100 for 1 L - flask

1 level sensors for dry up protection

1 packed column DN25 with SULZER EX-packing, separation length 1235 mm, mantle length 1365 mm, connection flask 41/25, connection head NS29 with silvered vacuum jacket

1 tower heating mantle with integrated measuring sensor Pt-100

1 column head for automatic vapour division, with valve plunger, vacuum jacket and solenoid coil

1 distillate final receiver, made of glass with 1 l volume, with ventilation cock and vacuum connection with stop cock

1 fraction collector to accommodate either
- 9 receivers of 250 mL or 1 L or
- 18 receivers of 250 mL

1 Distillation control Device DCD4001
universal computer-controlled unit for PILODIST distillation systems as well as for an upgrade of existing distillation systems. The unit is designed for operation and control of temperature, vacuum, reflux divider, limit and alarm system as well as fraction collector. The service area is password protected and provides tools to change the controller settings. It also provides tools for the calibration of vacuum- and temperature sensors. All actual parameters are displayed continuously as a graphical trend (curves) during the distillation process to inform the operator about the actual status. The control system is based on a multifunctional serial bus system, connected to a PC with our new and most modern windows based operation software.

The DCD 4001 is delivered with operation software, a laptop and the Interface box as central connection point for all sensors.