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As experienced provider of calibration certificates according ISO17025 for thermometers, Optimus Instruments also advises you in choosing the optimum calibration solution for your measuring application. Optimus Instruments get you started with your temperature calibration, weight calibration or pressure calibration


temperature simulators

Simulators measure and generate diverse process variables. These portable and extremely handy instruments are ideal for on-site use. In addition to electrical signals such as current, voltage and resistance, further variables such as temperature, pressure and frequency can be measured and additionally generated.

The implemented sensor functions simulate specific supply variables and display an exact given value. This distinguishes a signal calibrator from the conventional measuring functions of a multimeter. The documentation of calibration results is also actively supported with internal memory and display functions or convenient external control via PC software.
The combination of different types of signals determines the simulator type and its specific features. Whereas monofunction simulators can only process one type of signal, multifunction simulators can process different types of signals.

Available are resistance thermometers (RTD) and thermocouples (TC) with varying linearisation and corresponding resistance (Ω) and voltage signals (mV). Analogue current (mA) and voltage signals (V) as well as frequency (Hz) and pulse signals (O / C) and pressure signals (bar) round off the spectrum.