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As experienced provider of calibration certificates according ISO17025 for thermometers, Optimus Instruments also advises you in choosing the optimum calibration solution for your measuring application. Optimus Instruments get you started with your temperature calibration, weight calibration or pressure calibration


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ASL supply laboratory and scientific temperature measurement and calibration equipment including: Precision digital thermometers, temperature probe calibration equipment, Platinum thermometry bridges, scientific laboratory thermometers. Thermometry Bridges: Below you will find our range of world class thermometry bridge equipment. Our thermometry bridges cover a range of single and multi channel applications and are used extensively by national standards laboratories around the world. Precision Thermometers: ASL high accuracy precision digital thermometers. High precision and reliable results, those are the things you need in applications that require a very meticulous temperature measuring. ASL/Wika and Labfacility deliver great instruments for various applications and industries.