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Optimus Instrumenst offers a wide range of Certified Reference Materials, calibration and verification standards for petrochemical industry and general laboratory use. As a distributor of Paragon and Reagecon standards, we guarantee high precision products delivering excellent traceability of your applications.


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2162/9 - Cone and Plate Viscosity Std. CRM /  453.9 cSt (25.00°C)

- UKAS certified under ISO 17025 Quality system
- Manufactured in accordance with ASTM D 2162 the primary method for viscosity
- Ensures full compliance to ASTM and IP test method protocol
- Full Traceability to National Standards
- 2 year shelf life
- Tamper evident security packaging

Technical details:

Viscosity Reference Standard Cone and Plate
Type 2162/9
UKAS / BS EN ISO / IEC 17025 Certified
Volume : 500ml