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The Chemglass ready to use glass reactor systems find many applications in chemistry, pharmaceuticals and life science. With a wide diversity of glass and metalware, vessel sizes and add-on component, Optimus Instruments provides all equipment for your regulated reaction application. Flexible, budget-friendly and possible to upgrade to an automated system.

572-01300-00 - HEI-VAP CORE

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572-01300-00 - Rotary evaporator for basic applications

An operating concept that is focused on the essentials: clear and with access to the basic parameters rotation speed and heating bath temperature at any time.

Clear digital display showing actual and set values
Two separate knobs with dynamic control for setting the rotation speed and heating bath temperature: fast turning for large jumps, slow turning for precise setting of the set values
Accidental changing of the values can be prevented by the lock function
Intuitive LED ring light system makes activated functions clearly visible even from a distance
Easy adjustment of the immersion depth up to 160 mm and the inclination angle from 20° to 80°
Standby function and residual heat warning at heating bath temperatures above 50 °C
Available as hand or motor lift models
The standby button stops all functions and, when using a motor lift model, lifts the evaporating flask from the heating bath.

Technical details:

Lift: Motor lift
Rotation speed range: 10 - 280 rpm
Rotation speed indicator: 3.5 inch LCD Display
Heating capacity: 1,300 W
Overheat protection bath: cut-off at 5 °C over set temperature via separate PT 1000
Bath temperature setting: 3.5 inch LCD Display
Heating bath temperature control: electronic / digital
Max. size evaporating flask: 5 l
Integrated vacuum controller: No
Timer: No
Integrated Hei-CHILL controller: No
Vacuum program DAA mode
requires AUTOaccurate-Sensor: No
Programmable ramps: No
Condensing surface: 1,400 cm²
Condensing surface XL condenser: 2,200 cm²