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Discover all new possibilities for multi-bioreactor control


BIONET ENGINEERING launches some great upgrades in their product range! The ROSITA software for control of the F0 entry level reactor now supports control up to 3 units! Also check the brand new F1, re-engineered and ready for any lab-scale or industrial challenge. LEARN MORE about our Bioreactors!


ROSITA 2.0: Upgrade for multi-control


The F0 is the entry level bioreactor of Bionet. The basic unit supports reactors up to 5L, automatically controls temperature, pH, DO and foam level and can easily be extended with a variable speed feed pump, gas mixing unit or continuous operation system.

The ROSITA control software runs from a separate touch controller or pc and can now control up to 3 complete F0 modules with all add-ons in any configuration.


Run parallel fermentations with a basic configuration

Each bioreactor can still be operated separately and be placed in a different lab

Easily expandable, even if you only bought 1 reactor to begin with

Most cost-effective parallel system in the market

Find all information about the Bionet F0

NEW: Bionet F1 mark II


The F1 series include autoclavable bench scale bioreactors/fermenters designed to meet the challenging and widely diverse R&D requirements and small-scale biomolecules production by using microbial and animal cells for biopharmaceutical-, food-, agricultural- and other biotechnological applications.

Though a serially produced and standardized model, to combine the highest technological solutions for the common market demands, it is well thought for its expansion and customization towards a range of special requirements.

The F1 is the option for those who look for a bench scale unit which can be designed, built and qualified under GMP guidelines to allow the validation of your processes.

Find all information about the Bionet F1


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