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PILODIST new high throughput distillation for 33L flasks and fully automated PD 400 CC


PILODIST is one of our current high running product lines.They are the leading brand in versatile and automated distillation systems. Discover the new Pilodist 104 for high throughput universal distillation, ideal for training and educational purposes. Also, some more advanced systems are no challenge, the Petrodist 400 CC combines fully automated crude oil distillation of volumes between 2 and 100L !


PILODIST 104: Re-engineered versatile distillation system


PILODIST introduces a high throughput universal distillation system with safety features designed for teaching & training application in universities.

The system is equipped with:

  • Stainless steel flask with 33L capacity and viewing window
  • Mechanical mixing of flask by high efficiency stirrer
  • Powerful high speed feed and discharge peristaltic pump
  • High throughput DN80 packed column with silvered high-vacuum jacket
  • Cooling water control by flow and temperature
  • Low liquid level control in flask
  • Temperature profile along the column via 2 Pt100 sensors

Discover more about the Pilodist 104

PETRODIST 400 CC: The ultimate ASTM crude oil distillation for petroleum products


The PD 400 CC is the ultimate fully automated ASTM distillation and operates according to ASTM D-2892 (TBP) and ASTM D-5236 (Potstill). This particular system is a combined setup with central vacuum supply and thermostat station for alternative operation, consisting of:

  • PETRODIST 100 CC with easily interchangeable flasks of 100, 50, 20 and 4L
  • PETRODIST 200 CC with easily interchangeable flasks of 40, 20, 10 and 2L

All flasks are mounted on individual trays with rolls (pictures shows tray with 100L flasks on the left) for easy and comfortable change.

Discover more about the Petrodist 400 CC

PILODIST projects by Optimus Instruments


Discover our own successfully installed systems in our PROJECTS DATABASE.

Last years we installed systems like: the Pilodist 104, QuickDist 500 CC and the Petrodist 400 CC.


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